Laghi Aa Laghan ~ Bhagat Raju ^ Dr Teerath Gul

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Laghi Aa Laghan

(Bhagat Raju & Dr Teerath Gul)


A gift of Bhajans album sung by Bhagat Raju & Dr Teerrath Gul for Fakeer Parbirham devotees

 From: Sharma Je Links & Fakeer Parbirham Shewa Mandli Islamkot

  1. Laghi Aa Laghan ~ Dr Teerath Gul
  2. Sher Pe Sawari ~ Bhagat Raju
  3. Sakhi Sabhaja ~ Dr Teerath Gul
  4. Shal Vassay (Mata Pevand Jo Jas)
  5. Jateara ~ Bhagat Raju
  6. Gadji Gaayoun ~ Dr Teerath Gul
  7. Verhijhap Main ~ Bhagat Raju
  8. Kailash ~ Bhagat Raju
  9. Sachi Dil Rakhyan ~ Bhagat Raju
  10. Thora Tuhinja Parbirham ~ Dr Teerath Gul

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